My thoughts on blogging after 24 days

Wow. 24 days since starting our site on WordPress and I can’t believe it has went so quick. For a kid who has always disliked writing in school, blogging has been a whole different experience. If I hated writing and producing posts for you, I definitely wouldn’t be writing this today.

Kayla and I have had a blast so far when running our own personal blog. I never thought this was going to be my hobby post work every night, but here I am. Eventually, I would love for this “hobby” to be turned into a full time passion of mine.

Usually after a long day at work, I always look forward to hitting the bed for the rest of the night. That is not the case anymore which I am perfectly fine with. For my post today, I will be discussing my experiences of blogging so far through the 24 days we have existed here on WordPress. Don’t worry, I will also share what I can improve on.

Blogging has exceeded every expectation that I have had for it so far. Although there are some days where I struggle on a topic to write about, I still find things I am passionate about to talk to with you all. Although social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are great to share my life with others, nothing beats blogging. Why? Because I am able to write a longer story and really get all of my thoughts out without them being limited.

Although setting up a site is not my strength, WordPress really does make it easy to write a post and get it out to the public to view.

For the past 24 days, I have tried to write a post every day for the readers to view. Although I feel like this could increase our viewership, I post every day because I really enjoy doing this. Sharing thoughts and opinions has always been something that interests me, but I never expected myself to be doing it in a blog.

Another one of my favorite things to do is work with different advertisers to share their brand through our posts. I have some background with this in my job so it is really cool to be the publisher sharing some of our selected brands to you all. Although my main goal is to earn some income from blogging, just writing these posts everyday whether it is my opinions or sharing brands has been amazing.

While there are many things that I feel like I have done well with while blogging, there is definitely a lot of room for improvement.

Although this isn’t really as relatable to blogging, I need to improve my website creating skills. A lot of the aspects to running a website are completely new to me and that has to improve. I do believe though that this may be a common issue with other first time bloggers around the community.

Even though I feel like a lot of my posts are relatable and I have interest in writing them, I do feel like sometimes I find myself reaching to create another post even if I don’t have inspiration to do so. That just may be the way my motor is, but it is definitely something that has room for improvement.

Well, there you have it ladies and gentleman. My quick review of my first 24 days of blogging. If I had any words to advice to fellow rookie bloggers, enjoy the process. Don’t focus on the viewership as we still are not where we are at with site views. Enjoy writing meaningful posts and readers will come.

I know I do say this at every post, but this one for real; please comment your experiences so far with blogging. I would LOVE to hear feedback on my personal posts and tips moving forward so I can improve. Negative feedback doesn’t hurt me, it just allows me to improve. 🙂

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