Having an airline credit card

Within the United States, there are so many different methods of traveling throughout the country. When it comes to long distance traveling, it might be time to start considering to fly to your destination. Of course, if you are someone who enjoys a long drive, go right ahead and take a road trip.

The topic I wanted to discuss today relates to my experience of owning a credit card that is specific to an airline. For about a year so far, I have had the pleasure of having a United Explorer Credit Card in my wallet. As my travels have picked up over the past, I felt like it was necessary to own one of these cards.

Although Jet Blue has been my favorite airline so far, United seems to have more availability around the country in terms of flights. As someone who wants to explore the United States and United definitely provides more flexibility.

Of course, this post will be a review of the United credit card, but I am sure other airlines also offer some great options as well.

The explorer card has been great so far in which I have owned it for almost a year now. Before considering this card, there is a $90 annual fee that comes along with it that I didn’t look into at first. The first year with the card is free, but the $90 will be tacked on every year after that. This card has been my first credit card that I feel like every time I spend money, I am earning something back. In this case, when you spend dollars on regular items or united partners, you get points back.

So far, I am at 19,000 miles and that actually can get me a free flight to some certain areas which is exciting. Since purchasing the card, it seems like a no brainer to only fly the airline specific to your card. As I have booked United flights with my card, you get 2 miles per $1 on any United purchases.

Although it may not seem a lot, over time, you can earn a good amount points that go towards your United purchases. Another favorite perk of the card is that you get your first checked bag free. This was super helpful when I was flying out west to snowboard and my snowboard bag could of cost me a fortune.

United Club access also comes with the standard card as you get two free passes a year. I already used mine and the club wasn’t too bad especially when you are sitting around for a long day at the airport.

If you were to go ahead and purchase an airline credit card, I would suggest to use it a lot. Earning points/miles seems addicting and I have really stuck to a lot of purchases going to that credit card.

Most lucrative credit cards do come with an annual fee, so if this is something you want to avoid, I would avoid the United Explorer Card. Another reason that you should avoid this card is if you don’t travel. This may be obvious as owning a credit card earning miles to not be used wouldn’t be a smart idea at all. If you are someone who is new to traveling, this could be a good idea to take on as it could motivate you to travel more with United specifically.

If you have a United Explorer Card, welcome to the club. Comment below on your miles progress. It can be like our own race 😉

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