How to develop a healthy relationship

How we met: Our story

Our path to where we are now was definitely a unique one we would say. We would like to share how we met and how we formed a great bond to develop a healthy relationship.

Our path to where we are now was definitely a unique one we would say. We would like to share how we met and how we formed a great bond to develop a healthy relationship.

This is Mike here and I will take care of the first half of the story. Kayla will take over a the halfway point. Although this is our relationship story, this post can also be used to help you develop a special relationship with your loved one as we did.

Tinder was actually the initial starter to Kayla and I meeting. As I was single for a while, Tinder was always the go to for me when trying to explore the “dating” world. Kayla and I did match with each other on Tinder, but it didn’t go as you think it would. I did message her the second we matched and of course, Kayla didn’t respond to it at all as she claimed she never saw my message.

As discouraged that I was, I took another step and followed her on Instagram. A few “slide in the dms” later and we ended hanging out almost rather quickly. What a beautiful love story, right? As dysfunctional as it may have been, our first time meeting was something else. We only hung out at her apartment, but we knew that we just formed a bond right off the bat.

The first impression was so strong and I think that really propelled us to where we are today. A strong first impression when meeting someone else is something that should be very important to figure out if the relationship will work in the future.

After hanging out once, it turned into us seeing each other every weekend, hanging out on Christmas night and New Years. Keep in mind, we weren’t even dating, but I knew that it would get to that point eventually.

I could go on and on about the beginning of how we bonded, but the importance to how this formed was that we took some time before settling down. We met in December and didn’t make things official until June. Kayla and myself were no where near ready to settle down just yet, but at the same time, our friendship became more and more like a relationship.

Enough of me though, I will let Kayla take the lead here as she will discuss the second half of the story and how taking our time to an official relationship really helped us out overall.

Hello everyone! Kayla here.  I am going to discuss how Mike and I formed a solid foundation before we started “officially” dating. When Mike and I first started talking on Instagram, we found that a lot of our hobbies were similar… We also broke the ice by talking about my ex that Mike used to play football with (lol) so that made it a bit easier to warm up and talk to each other. Ever since the day we spoke on instagram, it has been a constant conversation ever since. 

I want to start off and explain my side of how it all began. In my defense, I DID NOT see Mike’s message on Tinder. I originally saw his profile though and wished that we would match because I thought he was adorable. A few days later, I got a follow request on Instagram from Mike. Which later resulted in us liking a bunch of each others pictures on our profiles. I was going to message him first but he beat me to it!

As Mike had mentioned, we hung out relatively quickly. When we first met, I was expecting it to be the “awkward first time meeting someone” but it wasn’t at all. I felt like I knew him for a while. We both were very comfortable around each other when we hung out and I do have to say that it was due to talking as much as possible to form that starting point. 

Mike and I were also able to form a very strong communication base. We laid everything out on the table and spoke about how we felt and how we should proceed. At the time, Mike didn’t know what he wanted, which was fine because I knew I needed to take time for myself. But I was willing to ride it out because I wanted to be able to build something that took time with someone.

We took things very very VERY slow and just enjoyed each other’s company. I knew that I could always go to Mike very early into this. We would talk about absolutely everything, even if it was weird. 

We went about it as being friends first. Obviously we both liked each other and were very comfortable around each other which made this even better. It was kind of like an automatic bond, it baffles me that we got that close in that short of time. But taking time to let things develop organically and communicate everything is key to a potential relationship; You can’t just dive right into a relationship, in my honest opinion. 

Mike and I also hold something very special together as well. We have gone through a lot and it took our strong bond to be able to get through it together. Being able to have someone by your side when you feel as if no one else is, is important. Another thing I want to touch on, is how many things we actually do together.

We go on day trips, weekend trips, etc. Just to explore around together. We made a bucket list for each season which made it a lot easier with deciding what to do. Obviously Mike and I have our weekends where we just hangout in our pajamas and watch movies but we still like to have our little adventures here and there. 

Mike and I have conflicting schedules, but we make it work. That is the key to a strong relationship. We always collaborate when we both have time off to see each other. It is pretty difficult seeing that Mike works in the city and I work in retail and go to school full time. I always make sure to take advantage of my time off so we can spend as much time as possible together. 

To sum everything up; The key to a strong, healthy relationship is a “best friends” foundation, strong communication skills, effort, and mutual hobbies/interests.

With those four factors, you and your partner are golden. Don’t force anything that isn’t meant to be. Enjoying life with someone is so beautiful and something so special. Every relationship gets rough, but you need to fight through it to get to the other side. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let us know if you want more posts like these!

We would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading:)

-Mike and Kayla 

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