Omni Hotel

Atlanta, Georgia

The Omni Hotel in Atlanta actually holds a special place in my heart, so let me describe this crazy trip in which I got to experience this unique hotel.

At age 21 was the first time I have ever traveled out in a public airport which is a crazy statement with how popular airline travel is these days. For my first airline travel, I won a pair of Brooklyn Nets tickets to see them play down in Atlanta versus the Atlanta Hawks.

All expenses paid trip from the Nets put my friend and in a nice situation to stay at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta. This hotel which you can see in the picture above was one of the most unique stays I have had yet.

Why was it unique?

Not only was the hotel balconies located indoors rather than outdoors, this hotel was situated right inside a big mall and CNN Center. Personally, I have never stayed in a hotel in which when you step outside to take a fresh breath of air, you are still inside in a massive mall.

As you can see, this was the CNN center in which the Omni hotel was attached too. Step right out of your room onto the balcony and this is basically what you will see. I thought this was amazing and it most certainly made this one of my favorite hotels.

Inside the Hotel

There wasn’t much exploring that we could do as the trip was an overnight trip and we got to Atlanta basically just in time for tipoff. The room was excellent. The Omni typically has a luxury type felling when staying at the hotel which is always nice.

Not really anything to complain about the room as it was clean and the walls were pretty soundproof. The room was also nice and spacious which is always a plus.

As you may have noticed above, I was oddly blown away by the indoor balcony. The balcony was pretty big with two lounge style chairs located on it. I honestly felt like I could sleep on the balcony as the temperature inside was at a controlled environment obviously.

The only complaint to be made was that during peak hours in the CNN Center, the sliding glass door to the balcony doesn’t do a good job at blocking out the outside sounds.

Outside of the Hotel

Downtown Atlanta was pretty solid with a lot of cool activities to do. As mentioned, we weren’t able to do much with limited time and it was freezing as we went during the winter season. The Omni Hotel was located outside of the CNN Center where a lot of the networks operations are run.

Next to the hotel was State Farm Arena which can hosts numerous amounts of events. Also, located right next to the hotel was the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium where the Atlanta Falcons play along with some other professional league teams. If you are a big sport fan, the Omni is a great choice when it comes to distance to the events.


Overall, the Omni Hotel in downtown Atlanta was a hell of an experience. As mentioned, the hotel being located within the massive CNN Center was the steal of the show. If you are looking for a luxury feel at some good prices, I would highly recommend the Omni. Along with that, if location in the city is a high preference for you, this would also be a great choice for your next stay in Atlanta.

Let me know below if you have visited Atlanta before!

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