How to find a job?

This may be one of the easiest questions to answer, but also a daunting task to complete. Jobs are everywhere these days as new companies are formed and existing companies continue to grow. But at some points, it may feel like there are no jobs since it can be so hard to get.

I have been through this terrifying task many of times when it came to finding internships to full time jobs. The one thing that should be noted for this post is that it takes time. Although it may feel like you are never getting an opportunity, it’s very hard to get a job in the snap of a finger.

Now, of course if you have some good connections, a snap of a finger may be how quick it takes to transition to a new company. But, most good things take some time.

If there is one thing that should matter the most job searching is to find the right fit for you. When you are working in a career that you don’t get satisfaction from, it is not beneficial at all. Make sure to find the correct job for you and that also may take some time.

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There may be thousands and thousands of jobs open, but you are not the only one looking for one. It is a major competition with everyone else in your field and you have to be the best to acquire that position.

Alright, enough of my advice here, let’s dive into three job searching methods that you need to take on in order to land your next job.

  1. Apply to jobs on job board sites.

Before you lay into me as this is really the necessary step you must take to get your application out there, there is some reasoning behind it. The three main sites that you should be job searching in my opinion is LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. If you are looking for a job board, these are the top three that are most effective in my opionion.

All three have a unique feel to them as well. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals in which you can also apply to jobs on there as well.

Indeed is a strict job board site where I feel I have found the most traction in regards to sending job applications.

Glassdoor is a site where you can view information on companies such as reviews and you can also apply to the job postings on there as well.

I would personally stay away from sites like ZipRecruiter and Monster as I have found nothing but spam and scam jobs on there. Although these are some of the most popular, I personally have not had one good experience on these sites. Apply, apply, apply!

2. Reach out to a recruiter

There are many companies that have a business model specific to land people jobs. Recruiters can be a huge tool when it comes to searching for jobs and they are important to explore.

Since there are many legitimate recruiting agencies, just do yourself a favor and head to google to look up one that is recruiting in your area. Recruiters are a great resource to utilize. Although I have never landed a job through a recruiter, I have been on many interviews thanks to them.

Since as a recruiter, they make money off of you landing a job, most of them actually give you tips and secrets when heading into an interview. Some of the largest companies contract out to recruiters when it comes to the hiring process.

Use recruiters! Especially if you are having trouble finding a job.

3. Network

I believe this step right here can be the hardest thing to do as many people don’t have good networking skills with others. I’ll tell you one thing, I definitely lack in these skills to be quite honest. But, I do feel this is a very important step in order to find a job.

Whether it is connecting with other professionals in your fields at events or such, having connections can go a long way when it comes to getting a job. If networking events aren’t your thing, there is a thing called LinkedIn now.

Yes, LinkedIn is the ultimate hide behind a computer screen and create connections with other professionals. I have ‘slide into may dm’s” on LinkedIn to get my name out there and sometimes it does work.

Getting your name out in the field and meeting new people will increase your chances of landing a job that you may be interested in.

As I stated above, job searching is definitely something that no one truly enjoys. Unless you are anxious to get out of your current situation, it is a tall task to face, but there are easier steps to go about it.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on my top 3 ways to search for a job. Any interesting stories? Drop it in the comments below.

Happy job searching!

  • Mike

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