Nantucket, Massachusetts

We are back with yet another location review. Today, this one holds a special place in my heart and a frequent vacation spot. Yes, we are talking about Nantucket today ladies and gentleman.

After heading out to Nantucket for all of these years, it seems like there is a split on people who know what Nantucket is and have no idea that it even exists. That’s okay though as I am here to speak on it today!

What is Nantucket?

Nantucket is a fairly small island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and right next to Martha’s Vineyard. When I say small, Nantucket is only about 15 miles long and 3-5 miles wide. You guessed it, not much traveling to do by car here!

With public and remote beaches surrounding the entire island, Nantucket is more of the relaxation spot that you must visit at least once. Nantucket has a rich history in the whaling industry and was discovered all the way back in 1602.

What can you do there?

Coming from New Jersey beaches, Nantucket is definitely a different world compared to some other hot spots across the country. What is there to do? Let me list out some of my favorites below:

I know what you are thinking, how are any of these really exciting? The thing that makes Nantucket s unique is that mainstream food and other fun activities in life don’t exist there.

Nantucket is a classic island that boasts a great night life in their town and relaxation all around. I don’t even think Nantucket has a mini golf course on the island as mini golf is a great vacation activity.

If you love to head to an arcade or eat Burger King, please don’t come to Nantucket. I’m being serious. There are plenty of things to do on this island that you normally don’t do back at home which makes it special.

What I love about Nantucket?

Some of my reasons were already mentioned above. I think my absolute favorite part about Nantucket is not seeing a Burger King or a Dave and Busters. You really witness the escape from reality when in Nantucket.

The air is like no other place. Since you are on an island and you are surrounded by salt air, it feels like you are in heaven. When I step off the plane back in Jersey and witness the humidity, it is awful. The air is refreshing and I find myself calmer than I usually am there than back home.

Another favorite of mine is “town”. I am obsessed with boats, so if you are looking for some yachts, Nantucket town is the place to be. Along with being in town, there are so many options of island specific restaurants and gift shops. It is almost a must that you leave Nantucket with at least one shirt from there.

What I dislike about Nantucket?

Nantucket is a “rich” island so you may encounter some snobby people along your way. Although I think it is funny to mess with some of the older folks like this, it could get on someone nerves if you have decent traits within you.

Although town is a plus, it can also be a downside. On the busy days and weekends on the island, it is absolute HELL to get in and out of town. The streets are pretty narrow and there is limited parking all around.


As I said above, Nantucket does really hold a special place in my heart as I am a fan for life. I can honestly go on and on about this place, but the list is too big. The one important thing to do here is RELAX. If you are on Nantucket, you are most likely on vacation so enjoy everything this magical place has to offer.

If you live on Nantucket year round, I envy you. 😉

Let me know if you have ever visited Nantucket and you can view my pictures of Nantucket on my Instagram.

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