Are you confused with your career goals?

Confusion is one of the worst feelings a human can experience throughout life. After graduating from college, many people experience confusion on what they want to do next in life. It’s a big step as whatever you do from the your 20’s on can dictate the rest of your life.

I am writing this today because I am in the same boat as millions of people around the world are in today. Confusion on your passion and goals sucks, but there’s ways to get through it. 

I have been through a few jobs so far since graduating college trying to find the right fit for me. It’s normal. No matter what age you are, it’s only right to feel out different hobbies and careers until you find the right one that makes you happy. 

Happiness should be the only factor that determines how you make your money. Yea, making a boat load of money and owning a big house could be cool, but are you happy? Yea, the famous phrase “money buys happiness” is something that is thrown out into the wind by people who don’t have money all the time. I don’t have a lot of money, but I am glad I finally realized that I’d rather be happy then own the next Mercedes. 

Don’t focus on what others have to say. If you enjoy being a circus clown making minimum wage, continue to do it. There is no price on happiness when you have to do something everyday for the rest of your life. Too many of us are put so much pressure on ourselves to land the next big job just for social status and wealth. 

Stay in your own lane. The famous line said by the Big Baller himself. If you let others interferes how you dictate your career goals, it’s time to take a look in the mirror. 

Put your head down and work. You may lose money trying to pursue your passion. I know I have so many times that I can’t count them on my fingers. But guess what, at least I tried. If you are confused about what you want to do in life, dabble in every single thing you possibly can to see what works and doesn’t work. Don’t worry about others judgement. It’s your life. 

If you are in your 20s like me, we are young as hell. Remember that. Pursue your passion now before you have a family or grow old enough where you start to dwell on those regrets. I’m well on my way trying to figure out what works for me, but just remember that life is long, so use everyday as a stepping stone. 

Whether it takes you 1 year or 30 years to finally find your passion, remember – happiness is the only factor that matters when you have the rest of your life relying on your passion. 

Don’t be afraid to take the leap and disappoint others. It’s time to be selfish and do things for yourself for a change. 

Feel free to join in below 🙂

  • Mike

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