Never Forget

Today marks the anniversary of the worst attack to go down in American history. The terrorist attacks on our nation’s landmarks back on September 11th, 2011. Although our great nation was rattled for time to come after the attacks, this country has moved on and become stronger from it. I wanted to use my post for today to dedicate it to the lives we lost on this horrific day. 

The one great thing about the United States of America is our strength and resiliency. The way that we have responded since the attacks 18 years ago is something that many nations could not. 

Losing over 2,500 lives that day and crippling the the heart of lower Manhattan, we have only become stronger. As a young kid when the attacks took place, I didn’t understand what was really going on. As I have grown older and met people who were affected, you learn more on how meaningful this anniversary is.

Our country responded by severely damaging the terrorist group that planned these attacks on us. Our borders have become stronger and the way we travel is now more secure. 

We have rebuilt the lower Manhattan area with much larger and stronger skyscrapers. I will get into that in a bit as it now holds a place in my heart. 

America is built off freedom, courage, and strength. We showed that no matter how far you try to take down our country, we will only come back 10x stronger. 

Today is going to be a unique day for me. Back in July, I began working at the One World Trade Center – the iconic landmark that has replaced the late twin towers. The big middle finger out to the middle east to show that you can push us, but we what we will not fall. 

It will be an emotional day, but I am proud to be apart of an iconic building that represents our freedom and strength to rebound from such horrendous acts. 

For all of the lives lost and families affected, we will never forget. Strength conquers all. 

Love you all❤️

– Mike 

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