Jose Tejas – Fairfield, NJ

Next up on our restaurant reviews section of the blog is Jose Tejas. Jose Tejas has a few locations, but the Fairfield location is where Kayla and I go to enjoy the goodness of food that they present.

As you can already tell, Jose Tejas is one of the runaways in terms of Kayla and I’s favorite restaurants and I don’t think that is going away anytime soon. Jose Tejas serves varieties of of Tex-Mex and Cajun dishes that will not disappoint when you dine with them.

Things to Know

If you plan on trying out Jose Tejas after reading this, good! One thing that you need to keep in mind when eating at Jose Tejas is that it seems like there is always a wait at the door. When there is a wait at the door, you know the place is poppin’. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time when looking to eat there especially if it is during dinner time any day of the week.

The environment is absolutely amazing. Constant loud music and chirping from your fellow eaters, this is an environment that you have to experience. I personally don’t like eating in loud places, but Jose Tejas gets the exception. Everyone is happy and having a good time at Jose Tejas whether you are stuffing your belly with some fajitas or taking on some margaritas at the bar.

Is the food any good?

Is that even a question? Yes, the food is most likely the reason that the line is out the door every night. They serve chips before your meal which is always a plus in my book, but it comes back to haunt us as it seems impossible to stop eating them when brought out.

Our two favorites at the restaurant are the shrimp quesadillas or the burro (basically a burrito). Even though when Kayla and I try to switch up our meals when we go, it is just hard to as these favorite dishes will always satisfy our taste buds. We could ramble all day about the extensive menu, but we won’t do that, so view the menu right here.

Here is a tip: Walk into this place with an empty stomach and get ready to gain some weight (in a good way).

We really don’t know what life would be without Jose Tejas in our lives. A place to go hangout, have some fun, and eat some good food is always healthy for the mind. I am not sure who the owner is here, but whoever it is has an absolute gold mine and I thank you for bringing Jose Tejas to this earth.

I’m sure a lot of local people from New Jersey know of this place, but if you are traveling to the area, put this on your food list. As it never disappoints me, it won’t disappoint you as well. I promise!

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