Go on a hike!

Hiking is one of the activities that has really picked up for me in the past couple years and I feel like it is where I find my peace. Whether you are walking through a flat forest or a hilly trail, being outdoors shares a lot of benefits with you. Although I live in New Jersey and the hiking trails are not as intense as the mid-west, it still is a great activity. 

If you have read my story on my journey through having a major surgery, the one activity that I was able to do comfortably was hiking. Hiking allowed me to keep calm and keep my mind off things. Although it was tough to get back into physical activity, long walks being alone with beautiful weather was amazing. Why is this? Nature is a benefit to us all. 

You may like the the packed streets of a city or a quiet day in the woods, everyone should go out to experience the gift that earth has brought to us. Personally, there is no better feeling in smelling in the smells of the surrounding trees and seeing views that you can’t get anywhere else. 

It’s a different environment when you are hiking. There really is no downside to it which is why everyone should give it a shot once. Did I mention hiking can turn into a workout as well? Boom, you can relax and work those legs at the same time!

Although you could run into some animals or creepy crawlers, that shouldn’t stop you from getting the shoes a bit dirty. Trust me when I say this as I am the last person that wants to get dirty.

If you have ever been to a hiking trail before, it is probably rare that you have seen one unhappy person (unless they fell in some mud). The overall mood when exploring the earth is always positive and that’s something that you can easily benefit from. 

Whether it’s a quick walk or a day long hike in the Rocky Mountains, everyone needs to experience hiking at least once.

My top hiking spots so far:

1. Lake Blanche Trail (Utah)

2. Ramapo Reservation (Mahwah, NJ)

3. Donut falls trail (Utah)

4. Whiteface mountain (NY)

I’d love to hear your experiences and your favorite places to hike. I need some new trails, so drop them in the comments below and DM me on Instagram!

– Mike

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