Top 5 Reasons to Avoid New York City

You may be stunned on reading the title right above. Why would anyone not want to see the greatest city on earth? Listen, I think almost everyone who hasn’t been to New York City wants to witness it once. I was in that spot to when I was younger. This post is more to warn you on the negatives that this city holds that you should keep in mind when traveling to the big apple.

If you have been following along our site so far, you would know that I currently work full time in the city and have witnessed a lot more than the regular tourist would, so my opinion could be a bit biased.

New York City is Dirty

This point right here might really only tie into one section of the city, but this section happens to be the hot spot out of all the districts. Midtown Manhattan which has some of the world’s most famous attractions like Times Square, Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, and more definitely falls low on the cleanliness scale.

Hot summers in Manhattan smell like burning garbage and there is trash all over the ground everywhere you go. If you are going to this part of the city, don’t wear those fresh new kicks and make sure to pack plenty of hand sanitizer. Also, to bust the popularity of snow in NYC being “beautiful”, don’t listen to that at all.

Yes, that’s how a wintery day in the city looks like. Now, you may see a more scenic and cleaner scene in the residential areas of the city, but no tourist goes to New York City for that.

Riddled with Homeless Life

This one here kind of ties into how NYC is dirty as homelessness is a major issue in Midtown Manhattan as well. Every city has these problems, but it is definitely inflated in New York City as it seems like they have done nothing to improve this. Also, I’m not saying this point and making out homeless people as bad humans, but it’s more of that it is terrible to see people struggle like this on a daily basis.

It is definitely something you want to present to tourists when your city is in the spotlight. Without this being accommodated for, the uptick in homeless life in the city is a huge turn off to anyone traveling here.

Everything is Overpriced

If you head out to New York City, make sure to be prepared to spend a lot of money. Everything from chain restaurants to attractions are so pricey and will put a dent into your wallet. The one good thing the city does have is their famous $1 pizza slices that you can find at varieties of pizza shops across the city.

I remember my friend and I were struggling to find a good place to eat, so we ended up going to Applebees in Times Square. My meal was at least $10 more than the original price I usually pay for an Applebees in New Jersey. One lesson that I learned, avoid eating in Times Square at all costs.

Save your money. There are much better things to do in the surrounding areas or other cities than New York City has to offer.

The Transit System is Brutal

Unless you plan on walking miles and miles all day during your visit to the big apple, you are most likely going to have to take the subway. If you thought the streets of Times Square are dirty, wait until you go to this mess of an underground station. Rats that look like they are on steroids and garbage everywhere, that is your transit system.

By the way, the subways always experience delays, so you might be left in this pit of misery waiting for your next train. If you can walk, go walk to your destination. If you are stuck taking the subway, good luck and be safe down there.

New Yorkers are Assholes

I’m a Jersey boy working in New York City, so I feel like I have developed some of that reputation that they get. New York City is not like Houston or Salt Lake City (been there) where everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Please don’t get in a fight with these guys because it won’t end well. Honking cars every five seconds and people walking around in a wife beater as well as Timberland boots. They are the real deal.

New Yorker’s drive like maniacs, and if you look at them the wrong way, you may find yourself in a nice little scuffle. Oh, don’t forget a stop sign at the crosswalk doesn’t mean anything. Everyone J walks here and it seems that the cops just completely ignore it. Be careful around this different breed of human beings.

Those were my top 5 reasons to avoid New York City at all costs. If you have never been there and really want to go, head out there. It is definitely an experience you will never witness anywhere else in the world. Just make sure to keep in mind some of the reasons that I have listed above.

Let me know your experiences in New York City in the comments below!

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