Top 3 Factors To Look For In A Relationship

Relationship and dating advice has seen like a hot topic searched for on our blog as of recent. As there really hasn’t been any posts about this (we will have more!), here is the first dating advice post on the site. Ground breaking!! When looking for a significant other, there can be many factors that tie into what can be a positive relationship moving forward. News flash – it shouldn’t be all about looks. Here are my top 3 factors to look for when looking for a significant other. 

1. Personality

I think we all know this has to be a run away trait and one of the most important things to evaluate in someone you may be interested in. Having a fun and vibrant personality can easily create a healthy relationship. When someone can be dull, boring, and a negative attitude, most of the time, it seems it will never work out. Some people you may have to stick around a bit more to find that true personality which is totally fine. I’m someone who may come off as stale and boring, but deep down, Kayla knows that’s no where near what I am. Personality should matter first over everything. 

2. Family Life

Family life shouldn’t be a dealbreaker as there are many people who don’t come from a good home, but are great people in general. Personally, it is a factor that I look for in a significant other. When you’re in a relationship, most of the time, you’ll be around his/her family a lot which makes sense. You need to have a good relationship with the parents to start off at least and being around a good family always helps. Also, when someone grows up in a strong home life, it usually effects them in a positive way moving forward in life. Family. 

3. Support

Another important factor here is how supportive is your significant other. Yes, people can survive on their own, but it doesn’t hurt if they have someone to support their dreams or whatever it may be. Every significant other should be good at supporting your thoughts, happiness, goals, and more. It is hard to be around someone that is negative all the time and don’t show support as it shows that they just might not care about you as much as you thought it would be. Support is big when it comes to being in a positive relationship. 

As always, there are PLENTY more of factors that could make or break a potential relationship with someone else. These three are the top things that I always look for, but obviously the list could go on and on. 

Just remember to be positive; bond with someone who shares that positivity, and it will deflect a lot of the negatives that come in life.Relationships can be scary escpecially if you have been hurt before, but having someone that you trust by your side is a positive boost to anyone’s life whether you say it or not. Let me know your thoughts on my top 3 and if you have any deciding factors when choosing a significant other!

– Mike

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