3 reasons why sports are important

No matter what your age, sex, ethnicity, or religion is, sports are something that anyone can participate in these days. Of course, there are so many different sports that young athletes get associated in and it is something that will never die away. As a parent in America, considering having your child participate in a sport is something that I believe is highly important for their future.

As someone who started off literally when it was the allowed age to begin playing competitive sports and playing all the way into college, I can share my 3 reasons why sports are important for young children and how they shaped me into who I am today.

  1. Sports teach responsibility and work ethic

I think this reason right here is how sports really played a big role in my life and shaped me into the man that I am today. Although this is something that is hard to teach at a younger age, if a child enjoys whatever sport they are playing, this is a trait that they can adapt to over time. Responsibility comes from learning your plays on your football team or getting good grades in school to stay on your team. For work ethic, the hours and hours an athlete puts in to training for their favorite sport is something that they can carry with them into school and the real world.

2. Learning how to win and lose

I can’t express this enough how important it is to experience the feeling of winning something and also losing so you can learn how to come back from it. Throughout my entire football career, I was on losing teams every single season and it was rough on me, but learning and building from a loss to become better is an amazing feeling in my opinion. Sports are the easy way for a young athlete to experience losing something that they worked hard for. Losing builds character in people and shows the true colors on how to comeback from a loss whether it be on a field or in life. When you win a game, it keeps you hungry to continue to get that feeling over and over again. Losing and winning in life are equally as important and this is a very important life lesson that sports teach everyone.

3. Teamwork

Finally, learning how work in a team is another skill that all athletes carry into the rest of their lives. Although many of us may prefer doing things on our own, there comes points in life when working together with someone else is critical to accomplish something. Teamwork is one of the most talked about skills that you can learn when it comes to the sport that you participate in. Teamwork builds character, people skills, and allows you to learn how to strategize for accomplishing a goal.

Those were my top 3 reasons why sports are still important in today’s society. I have so many reasons why sports are good for any human being, but I wanted to narrow it down into my top three. As mentioned before, it is amazing how much of my life has been shaped and how my character was built from being an athlete my whole life and I have football to give extra thanks for that.

Let us know your thoughts or concerns below on sports in our society.

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