My Favorite Leggings

Hey guys! Today I chose to write about my favorite leggings. This is because I basically live in leggings when I’m not at work. Leggings are just the perfect go-to when it comes to everyday style. I not only am in college but I also workout often. These leggings are my top choices and I hope you find these helpful! I am going to give you both workout and everyday style leggings and how I style them! 

Also I am thinking about starting a youtube channel to show you guys a bit more of my life! I want to do 3 videos a week as well as vlogs. If you guys are interested please please please let me know! Feel free to DM me on my instagram page or even comment on here what you think!

The first pair of leggings are from Aerie, they are called the Chill High Waisted Legging. These are just basic cotton leggings and they are my absolute favorite when it comes to everyday wear. They last so incredibly long in the wash too! They don’t rip and they aren’t see through either which is really nice. It’s also very wallet friendly because they always have sales going on; Especially on these leggings. 

The second pair of leggings that I recommend are also from Aerie. They are called the Real Me Legging. Have you ever walked into a lululemon store and said to yourself “I don’t want to spend 98 dollars on a pair of leggings but I will because they’re so nice”? Trust me. I have said that exact thing everytime I walk into that store. The Real Me legging is almost the exact dupe to the lululemon Align Pant. These leggings have such a soft buttery feel to them but they are also amazing to workout in. I am able to run and lift in these with no problems at all. Sometimes I find with workout leggings that when I run, they always fall down and it’s so annoying. These leggings will not do that! 

The third pair of leggings are from Victoria’s Secret. They are called the Total Knockout Tight. These leggings are to die for! There are so many varieties of this legging and it’s so nice for people like me who like to wear different things to the gym. They offer cropped, 7/8th, and full length cuts. These leggings can be a bit pricey but only if you purchase them when they’re not on sale! These leggings tend to go on sale often and that is the only time where I actually buy them. These leggings hold you in, but they are not too tight to the point where you can’t breath. They also absorb sweat pretty well too! I can go to kickboxing in these and sweat so much but it will not show up on these leggings which is awesome. 

The four pair of leggings are from Victoria’s Secret Pink. These are called the Ultimate High Waisted Legging. Now, I don’t enjoy working out in these as much as I should, but I do wear them when I need a pair of leggings to wear to run errands. These are great! I haven’t been able to try the other varieties of their leggings so if you have any suggestions please let me know! I want to try out more leggings!

The fifth pair of leggings are from Fabletics. I have recently signed up to be a VIP member with them and I am obsessed! It is $49.95 a month for the VIP membership. If you guys want a full review on Fabletics please let me know and I will write one:). The PowerHold Leggings are my new obsession. These are such a nice material, they’re thick and they hold you in, but they aren’t uncomfortable at all! They are my go-to when it comes to high intensity workouts. 

The sixth and final pair of leggings that I am going to talk about are also from Fabletics. They are called the Seamless Leggings. They are so nice when you want to go workout on a hot day and you want to be cool while doing it. I wore these leggings when I went hiking in Utah and I was so impressed with these leggings! They kept me cool and dry which is so nice, especially when being outside in super hot weather. These leggings are so comfortable and I feel like they look amazing. I do recommend to go down a size in them though because that’s what I had to do and that’s what I found most comfortable. 

If you guys want me to speak about these more in depth please let me know! Give me a follow and DM me on instagram if you guys have any questions or comments! I am always available:). To make it a bit easier I also tried to link every single pair of leggings that I spoke about. If you have trouble opening the links please let me know and I will fix it! 

I am so sorry about not posting more, I am extremely busy with work right now and I try to always write when I can. I promise I will be posting a lot more! Thank you guys so much for reading! 


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