Social Media and the Current Environment

Social media’s effect on us

The way social media has grown over the past 8-10 years is astronomical in today’s society. The emergence of major social media platforms was something that I don’t think anyone saw coming in regards to how much it really controls and affects our daily lives. My first social media platform was Facebook back when I became a freshman in high school when it really started to take the internet by storm. I think it is incredible how far things have come on all platforms that have emerged since I signed up on Facebook a long time ago. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now TikTok… it is truly something remarkable to see.

When I talk about how much social controls the landscape of the digital environment today, there are many factors that tie into this. First, I think the most obvious one here is how people of all ages now, social media is the most commonly used platform on their devices. I can tell you right now from looking at my usage statistics on my iPhone, out of the 10 hours that I have of screen time so far, 5 hours have been on social networking platforms. That is amazing considering there are 24 hours in a day, factor in 8 hours of sleep, that 5 hours out of 16 are consumed everyday on my social media platforms.

Another amazing thing about the social environment that we live in at the moment is that how there are so many opportunities for anyone to create a career or living out of it. Social media influencers, selling product, whatever it is, it is amazing. Clearly, Kayla and I have yet to make it to the social media influencers club, but hey, you never know! There is so much opportunity to really control your destiny on whatever social media app there is as long as you work at being the best at your craft. You can relay any message that you desire to any audience that you would like which is also incredible to see (especially if you use paid ads).

Although the internet is around (clearly social is apart of that), I believe the major social media platforms is easily a threat to modern day TV, newspapers, and more. Personally, most of the news and entertainment that I get out of my day are from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I’ve noticed how much less TV I watch now ever since my activity on social media has picked up over the years. Companies need to jump on the trend if they aren’t already as the social media storm has been here and will continue to evolve.

Just my two cents here on my life basically, and would love to hear your thoughts!

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