Showboat Hotel

Atlantic City, New Jersey

The Showboat hotel is the first hotel review on Couple’s Checklist. Stay tuned for more, but we felt like this hotel was necessary for #1 as it is not apart of the hotel chains which makes it unique. Head down south in New Jersey to the gambling capital of the state and that is where you will find this historic hotel. Kayla and I spent the night there in July as it was my first time being in Atlantic City. Atlantic City is definitely an interesting place to be as it doesn’t match the description of what a typical Jersey Shore beach town is like.


One of the main reasons that we stayed at this hotel was because of its location. There are some other popular resorts that many people go to when going down to AC, but some of them can be located away from the beach. The hotel was conveniently located right on the boardwalk with an incredible view of the beach no matter where your room was located. Having that direct access to the boardwalk and beach really stole the show and made it easy to have an enjoyable 2 days down there. Although the Showboat doesn’t have a casino in the hotel like most do down in Atlantic City, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was a few minutes away which was also another plus. I’d highly recommend this hotel based on the location alone.


Not too much specifications on the room as we were located on the 15th floor. We booked a standard two bed room (my mistake) and everything was as expected. A nice and clean environment within the room always makes the stay enjoyable as you don’t want to be stuck in a dirty or damaged room! The view (below) was amazing as I am a sucker for a view of the ocean wherever I stay when heading to the beach. The only downside to this room was that the walls seemed to be a bit thin and you can clearly hear your neighbors which can be frustrating. Luckily, our neighbors were really only making noise during the day and not messing up our beauty sleep. That is the only caution I would suggest when exploring this hotel.

Peep Kayla in the background

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’d give this hotel the thumbs up and would recommend a stay here. The prices compared to the other resorts in Atlantic City can make them the front runner. Showboat is definitely the cost-friendly hotel in Atlantic City and you still get a nice view with your room. Not many cheap hotels can compared to that. I would suggest this hotel for a night or two and not a week long vacation because of how disruptive conversations could be if you are next to some noisy neighbors. Let us know if you have stayed in this hotel in the comments below!

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