Football Season is Here!

It has been long offseason to finally reach the point that we are at today. For me and hopefully you who is reading this right now, August 31st, 2019 is the “official” start to another great season when it comes to football. There is everything that you have to like about this time period. The leaves are leaves are changing, sweats weather is here, and kicking back on a cool weekend t watch your favorite teams play America’s sport. I am currently writing this as I watch the Nebraska vs South Alabama game and I couldn’t be more happier. You may ask, why am I watching a powerhouse team play a team that has yet to establish themselves as a relevant team in Division Football? Because the degenerate gambler side of me has returned with football back and I currently have South Alabama +36 on the spread (doing well so far)! College football signifies the start to football being back as the young athletes are the first to take the field and the pros typically start a week after.

There are so many things that I am excited about when football season begins. Fantasy football drafts, lazy Saturday/Sunday’s, unnecessary stresses, and tailgates. If you aren’t invested into football yet, I highly recommend to start learning the game. There is no bigger thrill in sports than a game-day at a professional football game. Although my New York Giants have been horrific to watch these past two years, you bet that I will be on my couch every Sunday watching the game when they take the field. I don’t have the feeling it will be a good year for them, but I am excited for Daniel Jones to take the reigns whenever that may be as it is time for them to move on from Eli Manning and take a step towards the future.

Anyways, congrats fellow football fanatic. We made it through a long winter and spring! Enjoy every moment of this football season before it goes away in February… unless you are an XFL fan. Take your time to check out your local town’s high school football team, go tailgate with some crazy college kids, or buy yourself a New York Giants jersey ;). This short time period from August to October is when we get some of the best fall weather and best weather in general in my opinion for the whole year, so enjoy it before the cold weather comes back!

My prediction for the NFL season: Saints vs Chiefs Super Bowl with the Saints coming out on topic for a final Super Bowl victory for Drew Brees.

Let me know your predictions!

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