Our Fall ’19 Bucket List

Hey guys! Mike and Kayla here together to give you guys our fall bucket list! We really try to compile our ideas together into a bucket list each season because it makes it so much easier to know what to do when it comes to doing new things together.

Being able to list things out that we both want to do together really makes it so much easier; Especially when it comes to choosing what to do when Kayla has a weekend off from her job or if we just need a basic date night idea. We made a shared note document on our iPhones and listed the things that we would like to do together.

#1 Apple/pumpkin picking

#2 Pumpkin Carving

#3 Football games

#4 Drive-in Movies

#5 Go on a Hayride

#6 Halloween costume contest

#7 Corn Maze

#8 Eastern State Penitentiary

#9 Gettysburg

#10 Go to the beach and watch the sunset

#11 Fall movie marathon

#12 Go axe throwing

That was our top 12 bucket list activities for fall! We really want to be able to enjoy our fall season before the busy holidays come around. These are just ideas of things that we really want to do together and we hope that you enjoy these ideas as well! Let us know if you guys have tried these or if you have anything else to try out. We will be posting pictures on our Instagram pages so go ahead and give us a follow! Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to reach out; We would love to talk to you guys:)

  • Mike and Kayla

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