Landshark Bar & Grill

Atlantic City, New Jersey

This is another ground breaking post here! This will be the first restaurant review on Couple’s Checklist!! I decided to pick this one and Kayla will like it once she gets to see it because we definitely had an interesting experience here. I am a sucker for a good restaurant located on the beach/water and Landshark definitely met our expectations.

Landshark Bar & Grill was probably the only restaurant we were able to find within walking distance of our hotel that fit my expectations of on a body of water. Before I even get to the review, the second Kayla and I got hungry, mother nature decided to do her thing and DOWNPOUR on Atlantic City. We both wanted to wait it out, but we were so hungry that we decided to full out sprint to it and eventually walked through the doors looking like we just took a shower. Anyways, a quick review below:

Landshark Bar & Grill has a nice beach and vacation type of feel to it. Throughout the restaurant, you can find items hanging on the walls that resemble a beach town which I love. This place was a hot spot which i can understand, so we did have to wait about a half hour before we were seated. Being a popular bar and grill that it was, the mixed drinks were great! Kayla can promote this as she was the one drinking that night, but i did have a sip or two. We are both suckers for nachos and they exceeded our expectations. The nachos were big and loaded with goodness (as they should be) which puts a smile on our faces. The main menu had lots of options and different types of food which is always a plus. The only downside to everything is that I would say it was a bit overpriced, but I feel like that can be expected when it comes to a restaurant in an amazing location.

Overall, the destroyed clothes and wait were well with it as i walked out with a shirt from the restaurant and a happy stomach!

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