Advice To A College Freshman

College is a turning point in life

I think it is still crazy to this day that I am currently writing this post on advice to an incoming college freshman as I am over a full year of living the post grad life. It really is scary how fast time goes by as I can still remember my last day of 5th grade. Although I had maybe a bit of a different perspective of college, I am here to share my thoughts and advice to the freshman shaking in their boots for the next chapter of life. Now, my perspective may be a little different than most due to the fact that I was a collegiate athlete and that I commuted to school everyday because my school, William Paterson University was 15 minutes away from my home. Despite those factors, I went through the common stress that a typical college student goes through.

  1. Focus on the courses that relate to your major the most

This right here could be a bit contradictory in terms to advice as you need to pass every class you take, but whatever courses that you take, make sure your attention is fully focused on the ones that matter the most. In my opinion, college can be a scam. I found myself having to take classes like Spanish and Biology my freshman year when I was studying within business. I really don’t understand why university’s do this, but my only thought is that it is to make money. I absolutely don’t remember one single thing from those pointless courses as all they did was create stress on me. What you learn in your core major classes are going to be the skills that you bring to wherever your career interests are. If you want me to be honest, Quizlet and online courses were my best friends when it came to pointless filler classes [I don’t recommend cheating ;)].

2. Branch out and meet new people

If you are quiet person like me, college is the time to branch out and break out of that habit. Join a club, greek life, sports, etc. I had the easy way of doing this by being a member of the football team. Without really meeting new people and doing new things, I would probably still be the hermit crab I was back before college. Yes, most of your friends from back home will still be there as they are still my best friends, but it is good to get out of the comfort zone and meet people from all over the country that attend your college. Without having new friends at college, you may be very lonely and no one wants to live like that. Meeting new people and experiencing new things will allow you to bring new skills and connections to the post grad life which is very important.

3. Enjoy every moment

I wanted to keep this one as the last point I make so it can stick in all of your brains. College goes by QUICK. If you are the standard 4 years of work and out like me, college will go away in the blink of the eye. I spent junior and senior year wanting to leave so bad because I was sick of the school work and wanted to start making money. Don’t do that. You can’t rush the process, you must enjoy it. I have been working full time for over a year now and I can tell you that even though making a ton more money than I ever had is great, it doesn’t compare to the little responsibilities that college had. Yes, you have to go through pointless tests, papers, and more, but work life is different than college life. If you jump into business, you are expected to dress a certain way and wake up earlier than you do… it sucks. Enjoy the minimal responsibilities in college while you can because the real world comes hard and fast. To be quite honest, I am not at the “real world” yet because I don’t have to worry about paying insurance, house, etc yet. ENJOY EVERY YEAR OF COLLEGE, BUT DONT BE A KNUCKLEHEAD DURING IT!

As always, feel free to drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts/experiences with college along with other ideas! Follow our page as our posts are going to ramp up from Kayla and myself.

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