Salt Lake City, Utah Review

First up on our reviews list is the beautiful city of Salt Lake City, Utah. We both visited together back in July 2019 and we were honestly blown away by this “not so popular” travel destination. Flying out of Newark, NJ, the flight took approximately 4 hours from wheels up to touchdown. Although I can see this area as more of a hot spot for the winter, it was just as beautiful in the Summer.

The city itself was pretty dead as you can’t find much nightlife or excitement within it, but personally, we feel that Salt Lake City shouldn’t be known for that anyways. As you can see in the picture attached, Salt Lake City’s catch is more of what mother nature has to offer in the vicinity of the city. We spent a full day hiking here and we were blown away by how beautiful the scenery was no matter where you went. The mountains behind the city only took about 30-40 minutes to drive to depending how deep you want to go which was our favorite part about this city! 

Our favorite trails that we hiked were the Lake Blanche Trail and Donut Fall Trail. Both of these hiking trails offered exceptional views of what mother nature had to offer. Another hot spot near Salt Lake City that is a must visit was Antelope Island. From the beautiful views of the dried up Great Salt Lake and roaming herds of buffalo on the island, this attraction has miles and miles of free land to explore. You can easily spend a whole day out there as there are various beaches, hiking spots, and more around the entire island.

Another popular spot near Salt Lake City was the Bonneville Salt Flats. Yes, we had to keep this in a separate section as it was amazing how this type of landscape was possible on earth. The Salt Flats were about an hour drive from SLC and it was well worth it. I couldn’t even tell you how many miles of open, flat surface of just salt was laid out on the side of the highway. And yes, it was actually salt as I tried a taste test ;). The picture below will do justice on how large this area was actually. Another cool thing is when you make it this far to the salt flats, a few minutes more of driving and you are in Nevada!

With that being said, Salt Lake City was personally one of our favorite spots to head to in this country and we feel that it was highly underrated. We will definitely be making another trip out here and for a much longer time as we only visit for a weekend!

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