Couple’s Checklist

Hello! Welcome to our blog, Couple’s Checklist! The two writers on the site, Kayla and Mike are a young couple looking to share our stories, advice, and other hot topics to the world. As you can tell, our blog will be broken out into different segments where you can find various topics relevant to you! Kayla’s corner will be Kayla’s personal blog posts and Mike’s corner will be Mike’s personal blog posts! Along with that, Our Collection will be a section where Kayla and Mike will collaborate and write a post on a weekly basis.

Not enough for you? No worries! We also have sections on our site where you can find various reviews, photography, and exclusive deals from our partners!

We hope you enjoy every single post on this site as our main goal is to bring a smile to your face or an answer to your question. Feel free to comment and suggest any topics you would like to see.

We are happy to have you join the Couple’s Checklist community!

  • Mike and Kayla

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