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Hello! Welcome to Couple’s Checklist! There are two writers featured on this blog; Kayla and Mike. We are a young couple that have a lot to say. As a result, there will be numerous selections of topics to choose from. As well as having many topics to choose to read from, you will have unlimited access to comment your thoughts and opinions at the end of every post! However, do not hesitate to reach out to us! You can get into contact with us via Email, Instagram (Kayla’s and Mike’s), Twitter, and Facebook.

About Our Blog

Our blog will be broken down into different segments where you can find various topics relevant to you! Our mission for this blog is to provide everyone with exclusive, creative content. As a result of exclusive content, want to be able to accommodate a wide variety of readers. Firstly, Kayla’s corner will be Kayla’s personal blog posts, where she will post all things in relation to lifestyle, health, and beauty. Secondly, Mike’s corner will be Mike’s personal blog posts, where he will post all things in relation to lifestyle, sports, photography and much more! Thirdly, Our Collection will be a section where Kayla and Mike will collaborate and write a post on a weekly basis.


Not enough for you? No worries! Additionally, we have sections on our site where you can find various reviews, photography, and exclusive deals from our partners!

We hope you enjoy every single post on this blog! Our main goal is to bring a smile to your face as well as providing answers to any question asked. However, Feel free to comment and suggest any topics you would like to see! We answer every comment we receive! As we are posting almost everyday, don’t forget to like and subscribe so you can stay in the loop! Upon subscribing, we hope to give you a happy, warm welcome to the Couple’s Checklist community!

We are happy to have you join the Couple’s Checklist community!

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